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Hacienda Buena Vista

In 1833 Don Salvador Vives established Hacienda Buena Vista as a coffee plantation.. Nowadays, it operates as a museum and It is owned and administered by the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust (Fideicomiso de Conservación).

The plantation house was built in the Spanish Colonial style, with the surrounding buildings built in the local Criollo style. It is one of the best remaining examples of the plantations that produced the famous and internationally renowned Puerto Rican coffee. For many decades the Puerto Rican coffee was considered among the finest in the world.

Phone: 787-284-7020
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm (By appointment only)
Address: Road #123, km. 17.3, Ponce, PR
Google Map:
Video: Hacienda Buena Vista

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Cardona Island

Isla Cardona is a beautiful tiny little island located at the entrance of the Bay of Ponce. It has beautiful beaches, a short trail to the historic lighthouse and it is one of the best places to snorkel because of its crystal clear blue water. For video visit Isla Cardona

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Serrallés Castle

Castillo Serralles in Ponce or Serralles Castle to give its English translation is the Grand House that rum built. The house was built back in the 1930’s by the Serralles family who made their money growing sugar cane, running a sugar mill and producing fine Puerto Rican rum. Today the house is a museum giving visitors an insight into the life of the Serralles Family from the 1930’s. Virtually all of the furniture and paintings on display are originals. Stepping into Castillo Serralles is like stepping back in time. Architecturally, the building represents an example of Spanish Moroccan architecture, the style first introduced in Puerto Rico by the architect Pedro Adolfo de Castro. Three examples of this style of architecture were: El Castillo de Valdes in Mayagüez, el Castillo de Mario Mercado Montalvo in Guayanilla, and el Castillo de Serrallés. In the 1920s, other similar mansions were built in Puerto Rico, but Castillo Serrallés is the best preserved. Historically, the building is a reminder of the cultural and economic changes that southern Puerto Rico experienced in the 1920s. “Ponce’s dependence on the sugar cane industry at the close of the nineteenth century, created an atmosphere of development from which evolved a series of intrinsic cultural characteristics and afforded great wealth to many families involved in the industry. The wealthy families generally chose Europe as the model for the direction that cultural endeavors would take. Address: #17 El Vigía Ponce, PR Google Map: Website: Phone: 787-259-1774 | 787-259-1775 Email: Twitter: Instagram: Hours: Open Thursdays to Sundays from 9am to 4pm

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Ponce City

Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico and it is located in the southern coast. It was established in 1692 by Juan Ponce de León’s great-grandson – Juan Ponce de León y Loayza. The city’s architecture, neoclassical colonial, is very different from Old San Juan architecture, spanish colonial. It is considered one of the most elegant cities on the Island. Its people are very proud of their traditions, customs, and the beauty of the city. This is the reason why it is known as La Perla Del Sur, The Pearl of the South, and/or La Ciudad Señorial, The Stately City. Ponce is also famous for many other things; and there is one that has transcended over the centuries. It is the birthplace to Puerto Rico’s famous rum industry and especially to Don Q rum. Don Q is Puerto Rico’s best known rum and it is internationally recognized by its constant exceptional quality! For video visit Ponce City

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Ponce Museum of Art

The Ponce Museum of Art is recognized internationally as an important center of European Art in America. It offers its visitors an extensive collection of Western Art, from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century, and showcases one of the most important Pre-Raphaelite collections in the Western Hemisphere. In addition, the museum offers an excellent collection of the French Academy and Spanish paintings of the Golden Age as well as collections of Baroque Art and Victorian paintings.

Other collections include sculptures, prints, photographs, drawings, decorative arts, pre-Hispanic and African objects, Puerto Rican folk art, contemporary ceramics, video, and sound art. The main masterpiece of the museum is Flaming June, painted by Frederic Leighton. The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon, the final masterpiece and crowning achievement of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, is another of the main pieces of the museum’s collection.

Its located in the heart of Ponce, the second largest city in Puerto Rico. It opened its doors in 1965 and was designed by the famous american architect, Edward Durell Stone.


Wednesday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Sundays: 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Monday: 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday: Closed

General public: $ 6.00
Students and adults over 60: $ 3.00
Members: Free of cost
Guided tour: Daily at 11am and 2pm. English and Spanish. Subject to availability.

Address: 2325 Boulevard Luis A. Ferre Aguayo, Ponce, PR
Phone: 787-848-0505 | 787-840-1510
Google Map: 

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Cruceta del Vigía & Japanese Gardens

This is a very interesting place because in 1801 the people of Ponce built a small watch house and a cross that was used to raise the flag of any incoming ship to the city. Ships could be from different European countries, not only from Spain. By doing so, local commerce could be advised of the arrival of ships and the authorities could prevent possible attacks from pirates and corsair. This the reason why it was considered was an essential and fundamental element of their lives.

Today you will find an enormous cross, with a height of around 100 feet that raises to almost 300 feet above sea-level, offering an impressive and panoramic view of the city of Ponce, the Ponce harbor and the Caribbean Sea.

The Cruceta del Vigía, the Japanese Gardens and the Serrallés Castle are under the patronage of the Patronato del Castillo Serrallés Inc.

The Japanese Garden is located adjacent to La Cruceta del Vigía. It isfilled with symbolism, spirituality and poetry that portray the Japanese philosophy of life of equilibrium and harmony. It is a very quiet place where you will enjoy the sounds of nature. It is a great place for meditation and relaxation. You will find reflecting ponds, bonsai trees, rock gardens, typical Japanese bridges, gazebos and trellises.

Google Maps:
Open from Thursday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Address: #17 El Vigía Ponce, PR
Phone: 787-259-1774 or 787-259-1775
Facebook: Cruceta del Vigia

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Museo de la Historia de Ponce/ Ponce History Museum

The Museum of the history of Ponce was originally the historic Salazar-Candal House built in 1911. It was commissioned by Dr. Guillermo Salazar Palau, and designed by architect Blas Silva Boucher. The house has two architectural styles that stand out: the neoclassical and Moorish. Acquired by the Municipality of Ponce in the 1980’s and its purpose was to convert it into a History Museum of Ponce. It was inaugurated in 1992 to mark the 300 hundred years of the founding of the municipality of Ponce. The museum portrays the city’s ecology, history, economy, architecture, government, amongst other interesting things.

Address:  Ponce Historic Zone: Calle Isabel # 53, in the corner with Calle Mayor.
Google Map:
Telephone: (787) 844-7071
Business Hours: Tuesday through Sunday
Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Facebook: Museo-de-la-Historia-de-Ponce

For tours in English and Spanish reservations are required.

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Casa Armstrong- Poventud

The Armstrong-Poventud Residence is a historic building that set the stage for the construction of other homes of similar architectural characteristics and opulence in the late 19th and early 20th The home was designed and built by Manuel Víctor Domenech for the Armstrong-Poventud family. It is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places as the Armstrong-Toro House. Since 1991, the Puerto Rico Institute of Culture operates it as a museum. The displays of the original furnishings belonging to the family depict some of the trends and fashions of the time.

Google Maps:
Address: Ponce Historic Zone: Calle Unión #9 across the Cathedral of Ponce
Phone: 787- 813-2549
Business Hours: Wednesday through Sunday / 8:00am -12:00pm & 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

For tours in english and Spanish reservations are required.

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Isla de Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island) Nature Reserve

Caja de Muertos is a beautiful uninhabited island off the southern coast of Puerto Rico. This nature reserve offers beautiful beaches, hiking trails, the ruins of a historic lighthouse, a cave and spectacular views from everywhere you are. A part of the island is a protected sea turtle spawning beach.

Caja de Muertos Island can be reached by ferry from the La Guancha Boardwalk sector of Ponce Playa.

Island Venture takes you to Caja de Muertos island aboard a comfortable ship equipped with refreshments and other amenities that will be available throughout your whole trip and stay.

Address: Street C, Paseo Tablado La Guancha, Street #12 Paseo de los Caballeros Final

Phone: 787-842-8546 |

Google Maps:

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Ecological Urban Park

The Ecological Urban Park can be found at the entrance of the urban zone of Ponce on the Miguel Pou Boulevard, just beside the Lions Bridge and the Trincentennial Park. This work of art is the result of a project between the municipality of Ponce and the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico who supported the design.
It was constructed in a terrain located at south of the Miguel Pou Boulevard, between the Portugués River and the residential of Jose N. Gándara. The concept of the park is the integration with nature. The aspect of the park will change based on the growth of the vegetation.
The park counts with the following facilities: the visitor’s center, the amphitheaters, exhibition pavilions, outdoor gymnasium, paths for walking or riding bicycles, it also counts with a variety of plants and lagoons. It is currently being evaluated for construction of its second phase.
The park remains open until 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week and the entrance is free. Although the parking space inside the park is very limited the municipal parking which is only a short distance can be utilize.
For more information you can call 787-840-4840 / 787-844-4099